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Monday’s Random Thought: Live Strong August 26, 2012

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I find this whole Lance Armstrong thing interesting and once again like Lance can do, INSPIRING.

So these official dudes are saying they are going to TAKE AWAY Armstrong’s medals. They plan to erase history and TAKE BACK his winning status.  Good luck with that.

I am inspired that Lance is no longer choosing to fight against their attacks, allegations, and frankly, silliness. I don’t see his choice as an admission of guilt. I see it as choosing higher ground. He is choosing to spend his energy on what matters, living well, living for others, living strong.

How will you spend your energy today? Will you sink to the negative energies of others or will you rise above it and live authentically with grace?



Monday’s Random Thought: Mirror Mirror August 20, 2012

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If you look at every human being as a Divine mirror,

you will know yourself and understand life. — Sherif Baba

Is the above quote why I run from some people? They reflect a lesson for me to learn and I’m not ready to receive it so I sprint away, not looking back. Or is it they are exactly like me, and I have my blind fold on so tight I have no clue, so I run away blindly?

How would your life shift if you saw those in your path as a part of you and you loved them instead of ran from them? What would happen if you received the lesson? Just asking.

by J.G. McGlothern


Monday’s Random Thought: Good Boy August 13, 2012

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When I lived in Japan, I once visited Shibuya train station in Tokyo. The station is known for a stature of a famous local hero at its entrance. No samurai, sensei or prophet. A dog.  A good ‘ole dog. A loyal dog.

The tale goes that the Akita dog named Hachiko walked his owner to the train station each day then greeted him at the end of the day back at the station.  This routine only went on for a year until the death of the owner in 1925. A college professor, the owner died at work and never returned to the train station.

For nine more years Hachiko waited at the station for his owner to return.

Of course this tale has been made into an Americanized movie version, in Hachiko: A Dog Tale, starring Richard Gear.

Our son is an animal lover like no one I have ever met so I thought this would be a perfect film for him. One look at the puppy on screen, and he was hooked.

The way a dog stands by his owner, dutifully shows up and never gives up on human nature amazes me. I often want to give up on the humans in my life. I can learn from Hachiko and from my son who squeezes my hand during the movie and says,This is sad, but so so good mama.

Yep, and as is life. Sad at times indeed, but so so good.

by J.G. McGlothern



Rearview August 7, 2012

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Yesterday, I needed some clarity. I pulled out one of my many journals and before I filled the blank pages, I thumbed through past entries.

Later, driving home in the dark, the reflection in the rearview mirror took me my surprise. On most days I regularly check my rearview mirror when driving. But of course there are days when driving down the highway I’ll realize I haven’t looked behind me for awhile.

Last night it was the moon. The beautiful reliable moon who showed up in my rearview mirror. For many the sun’s rays streaming through a cloud remind them of God. For me it is the moon. In all of her shapes, shades of glory and surprising appearances she grounds me again. Filling me with a reassurance.

Reading past journal entries did the same for me. I was reminded of where I have been, what I value and what matters most in my world. A look into the past, without dwelling on it, helped me to see in front of me, in the present, more clearly.

Our past has its place and can get us to where we need to be so we can see with all clarity and awareness, what is right in front of us.

by J.G. McGlothern


Monday’s Random Thought: 20 Seconds August 6, 2012

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In the film, We Bought A Zoo, Thomas Haden Church’s character, Duncan, tells his younger brother, You only have to be courageous for twenty seconds.

This advice propels Matt Damon’s character, Benjamin, forward to meeting the woman who becomes his wife and later in the film to buy a zoo.

Maybe we aren’t going to meet a future spouse today or buy a big piece of property inhabited by wild animals but what else could happen if we just said, YES, for twenty seconds?

by J.G. McGlothern