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Monday’s Random Thought: Peace on the List October 8, 2012

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We all want it in our lives. We wish we could walk in a room and leave Peace in our wake. We wonder how we can get more Peace in our lives.

Personally, I want to scream, Where’s the Peace?  

We make our to-do list and we don’t even add the one thing we REALLY want.


We add the stuff, the responsibilities, the chores but we see the list as too full for even one day so the items get shoved over to the next day, another list. How can we possibly add what we really want when the list is so full to begin with?


There’s no time to add peace, there’s no room for it, it will just have to wait.  Oh, but we want it. We have time to complain about not having it. We cave in to the “shoulds”. We show up for the “musts”. In the mean time…Peace is waiting. Quietly. Patiently. Loyally waiting.

Instead of putting it off, hoping to find room for it one day, what would happen if we put it at the top of our list? Created space for it.

First thing.


We can name one thing that brings us Peace: a walk, a song, a prayer, a breath, a moment of emptiness, chocolate and we set that as priority.

Top of the list.


We make it a “should”, we act as if it is a “must”.

Twenty-one days to make a habit, they say. If we can quit smoking, lose weight, become vegan or whatever, why can’t we quit the excuses, lose the negative attitude and become Peace?

No reason really.

by J.G. McGlothern


One Response to “Monday’s Random Thought: Peace on the List”

  1. Sonya Says:

    On that note…I’m taking the dogs for a walk for a little PEACE.
    Love it!!!

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