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Monday’s Random Thought: Nameless Poem October 15, 2012

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This is honestly the first Monday when I don’t have a thought to fill the page. I have many thoughts but not just one. And the many thoughts I have are crowding the other out so none of them are able to spill forth into a culmination of anything concrete let alone abstract.

Perhaps it is time for a poem:

 I am noticing the wet leaves on the sidewalk,

Stinky soccer cleats on stairs.

Umbrellas and rain boots, out from hibernation,

Damp from recent usage.


A new season brings new awareness.


I see the tomato plant hangs on with her green fruit,

Pine needles and spider webs collect in corners.

The Crockpot waits to be dusted off, new recipes begging to be



A new season awakens the old and even though leaves are falling

Birth is about to take place.


I see it in the children’s faces, the color of the sun, and in the neighbor’s garden.

I feel it in words I read, the phrases I speak but most of all in the quiet, change of the wind

As she blows with great intention.

by J. G. McGlothern


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