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Monday’s Random Thought: A Vote from the Heart November 5, 2012

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Anything to do with politics makes me sweat. Funny to think that I was a Political Science Major in College…if even for a nanosecond, before I switched my major. Fortunately, I took some time to really figure out what I wanted, what mattered to me.

With political issues, often the details are so unclear and the candidates can be full of so much hot air I too am dazed and confused. I am exhausted from the trash talk. Baffled by the big words.

Despite my annoyance, bitterness and confusion, I get to vote. I am being asked for my opinion and I get to fill in the bubble of my choice.

I have found when I get lost in the words, or off track with the big egos, it is best to quiet my mind and ask my heart what choice gives me the most peace.

It just takes a nanosecond and I am clear on which bubble to fill in. When I look within and block out the noise, the answer is simple. It is the one that brings me the most peace.

by J.G. McGlothern


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