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Monday’s Random Thought: Energy Responsibility November 13, 2012

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My husband often wakes up with songs in his head. You never know if it will be the Go-Go’s, Maroon 5, or Queen.  When the kids were young, it was usually The Wiggles. Those were the nightmare mornings.

Recently I woke up in a grumpy mood. I really could have used a song in my head. I walked into the kitchen and was just angry at the smallness of the space. I made the kids’ breakfasts and packed their school lunches practically cursing under my breath at the small space of our kitchen.  Geez, I must have had a bad dream or something because there was no grateful bone in my body. I was downright crabby.

Later that morning with the kids at school, I decided to go through some papers and clear out the unnecessary. In my tossing and sorting I discovered gold in the form of a large envelope from my friend, Sue. She mailed it to me last May. She was clearing out her own stuff and decided to pass on inspiring, interesting material or throw it out. The unopened envelope was full of articles that she knew I would value. I spent time reading, tossing some but keeping others.

Then a turquoise sign caught my eye, Please take RESPONSIBILITY for the ENERGY You Bring Into This Space!

A new quote for the fridge. The perfect sign to catch my eye when I walk into the kitchen.

It’s been there for a few weeks now and whatever the reason for my grumpiness, a bad dream, lack of caffeine, the sign reminds me to take a breath. I have a choice, I can gripe about having a small kitchen or I can choose to bring positive energy into my space, not matter the size.

There are times when it is so easy to blame others for my mood or circumstance. When I take a moment to shift my mood and own it, everybody wins.

And if all that fails, I just turn on the music and dance. The best energy equalizer in my book is music.

by J.G. McGlothern


3 Responses to “Monday’s Random Thought: Energy Responsibility”

  1. Martha Reyneveld Says:

    I understand this…

  2. Sue Kelly Says:

    I am tickled that I am mentioned in your writing today. I like that reminder to take responsiblity for my moods. I found myself this morning reminding my son that he is responsible for his moods and that he can not spoil the moods of others b/c he is grumpy.
    love you – Sue

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