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Monday’s Random Thought: Bad Call November 19, 2012

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Attending last night’s Seattle Sounder soccer game against L.A. Galaxy was more than just a game.  It was the Western Conference Playoff Championship for the Sounders and a spiritual lesson for me.

I arrived at half time, joining my family already in attendance. You could feel the energy of the crowd when I walked into the stadium. I was emotionally exhausted from a weekend of Life Coach training. All good stuff, just stepping into new awareness had left me tired and ready to crawl into the covers.

Looking for parking allowed me some time to shift gears from being in a classroom of deep feelers and thinkers to a stadium full of folks eager for a good soccer match. I fired myself up to step into the stadium seats next to my family with beer and hot dog in hand.

The crowd was restless and on fire.  Lots of boo-ing.  Explosive shouts to the ref. An entire stadium full of anticipation. Plenty of cussing. At one point the guy behind us apologized for his words, at which both our kids responded with, Oh, it’s okay, we hear worse from our mom. A fair call.

At one point, an L.A. player pushed and tripped a Sounder, which triggered the response of another Sounder to get involved in the pushing. Before you could blink, L.A. was taking a PK on us. Sounder’s goalie, Michael Gspurning immediately took command by encouraging his team to shake off the “bad call”. It was time to be positive.

The ball went in giving L.A. their first and only goal of the night causing the crowd to go wild with frustration over the call that allowed for the PK to happen. Despite the chance of Seattle winning the Championship was slipping further away with the ticking of the time clock, the players were mad, the crowd unruly…the goalie was full of optimism. He got a hold of the ball that gave L.A. their one point and ran up the field to his team mates, shouting words of encouragement. He wasn’t going to let a bad call shake his team. You could see his positive energy rising above the disappointment of a bad call, a difference of opinion, a totally opposite point of view.

This is sports. This happens a lot.

As in life, bad calls happen. Bad calls happen a lot. It is only when we let these bad calls define us, that we lose.  When we choose, like Gspurning did, to rise above, leave the past and move forward, all we can do is win, regardless of the final score.

Where in your life are you letting others words, opinions, decisions, points of view, block your going forward?

A fair question. Your call.

by J.G. McGlothern


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