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Monday’s Random Thought: The Most You Can Do December 17, 2012

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When tragedy hits, this brings out so much energy in all of us. It brings out fear for sure, but the opposite of fear is love. And love is what I have been feeling from those who have offered up hugs on the playground of my own children’s school, since the Connecticut tragedy on Friday.

We all want to do something. A sick feeling rests in our guts and guilt, anger, sadness, confusion rise to the surface.  Then we look at our own children and all we feel is LOVE. Big love. We want to do something, we want to help.

Often in the midst of loss we say to others, “Well, all I can do is pray for you.” I say that is THE MOST you can do. Light and love and more beautiful healing light and more love, needs to surround not just those effected by Friday’s deaths but all of us. We can start with sending out positive loving energy to the perpetrator and his family, then to those left standing to clean up all the mess.

We want to send money, take action and all this is good, very good, but might I invite you to start with one simple step? And it is the most you can do. Shift from fear to love and send that light energy out in a swirl of hope so that all can reap the healing power of its blessing.

I don’t care who you pray to, or even if you don’t believe in any God right now in your life, or ever, we are all in this TOGETHER. And now is the time to believe in the amazing power of LOVE and to live it, walk it, be it. Our world needs LOVE now more than ever. There is no right or wrong way as long as your first intention is to love.

That is the most we can do.


4 Responses to “Monday’s Random Thought: The Most You Can Do”

  1. Jennifer Herrin Says:

    Jenny, you are simply wonderful.

  2. Nancy Wagner Says:

    I used to follow your blog but life got in the way for a while. Decided to check on you today. What a joy to see you going strong on such a great site! I don’t blog well. Maybe you will motivate me as I keep reading yours.

    • heartwriter Says:

      I am touched by your words. I invite you to try a new phrase, if you are willing, instead of saying, “I don’t blog well”, what if you said, “I embrace blogging no matter how it turns out”, or something that works for you. Your own spin. I usually just blog on here on Monday’s and my other site, http://www.mamaneedsarefill.com on Friday’s, but I found may way here on a Sunday, and am grateful for your comment. Cheers and Blessings.

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