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Monday’s Random Thought: Out with It January 14, 2013

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Last night at The Golden Globe Awards Jodie Foster gave an acceptance speech for receiving the Cecil B. DeMille award. I stood up from the couch and stood close to the TV, when she set us all up that she was going to spill the beans. All teary eyed, I blurted out to the kids, Go get your dad. Okay, Jodie (like she could hear me), you go girl, tell us, you can do this.

Jodie Foster is an actress who has done an incredible job of keeping her private life private and last night her words were telling us she was ready to make it public that she was a lesbian.

Then she spoke. Her words were more powerful then saying to the world, “I’m gay”, because she spoke from a place of love, a place of honor, a place of truth.

Why do we care so much if an actor comes out or not?

I was moved to tears before she spoke because I thought, BRAVO, you are ready to no longer keep this a secret. But that wasn’t Jodie’s truth. She stated that she came out years ago and focused on the right to privacy, giving us something to think about.

She’s right. It doesn’t matter to me if she is “out” or not. What matters to me is that she, all of us for that matter, are living from a place of love, not fear, truth not shame, joy not sadness.

I love that she does not live her life conforming to what we all want to hear but instead to the truth that comes from her heart.

by J.G. McGlothern


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