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Monday’s Random Thought: Natural Response January 28, 2013

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Roughly five hours into my Monday morning, I see I have scheduled too much for one day. I take a breath.

In the madness of the school routine, unexpected things just happen. I stand firmly in place, I don’t over react. I remember to breathe. Usually I would panic. This time I ease into a long, slow breath.

I receive news that makes me sad. One breath. I feel disappointment. Two more deep breaths. Stuff comes at me, things occur, not in my plan and instead of freaking out, my usual reaction, I remember my intention for the day, “I walk with clarity, patience and light” and I let my breath calm me, still me. Anchor me to what matters.

This takes practice. And more practice. Old routines take a bit of time to break. So I breathe again. I get out of my head and into my heart and feel, listen, and be with my breath.

Breathing comes naturally but so does holding our breath.

So what would shift in your world if you paused and observed your breath, your beautiful, life giving breath, in the midst of things not going the way you wanted or thought they should go? What if you let go of your old way of responding and tried a new way?

Will you see the light? Will you respond with greater awareness? Will you be just totally fine with all you need in front of you?

One more breath. Go ahead, it’s natural.




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