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Monday’s Random Thought: Mind Games and Bird Song February 4, 2013

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Even on grey, dark days, birds sing.

Saturday I was having one of those, this isn’t how I want the day to go days. Nothing was going wrong. Things were just going differently than I imagined in my brain. I get these thoughts of how I want things to go – then when they go differently my mood shifts. I am disappointed, feel off track and out of whack. Bummed.

I feel bummed because I am listening to the thoughts in my head, “The morning isn’t going how I planned.” “It is so hard to be a family.” “No one listens to me.”

Mid-afternoon I knew what I needed to do and most importantly what I wanted to do. I wanted to get out of my head, shift my thoughts, ground myself in my truth again. I laced up my sneakers and grabbed the dog leash.

Walking outside on the grey, dark Saturday afternoon I noticed something when I took some deep breaths and got out of my head.

Even on grey, dark days, birds sing.

As I walked and took breaths, grounded myself in gratitude and turned my thoughts to positive ones, “The day is going perfectly,” “I love and appreciate my family,” “I matter and I am heard,”… I heard the beautiful bird song around me. After coming back home in my mind and listening to my heart I picked up my pace, ready to go back home to my family.

The mind is a powerful thing and when I use it to get back to my truth, ground myself in the present, I discover that even on grey, dark days, birds sing, I just have to open my ears and listen.

by J.G. McGlothern


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