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Monday’s Random Thought: Monday Monday February 25, 2013

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My son is not a fan of Mondays. Who wants to leave the security of home and comfort after two days of relaxation, no agenda, and what some may call freedom?
My husband gets antsy on Sunday nights, anticipating the work week.
I on the other hand, embrace Mondays. A fresh start. Everyone is out of the house for a bit. I love agenda.
Exchanging pleasantries at the grocery store on a Monday I will often get a response to the question, How are you?… Okay, for a Monday.
What does that mean exactly? Just ‘cause it’s Monday we have to be down, bummed out and saddened by leaving the weekend?

I say switch the thought. I say, Let’s be awesome not because it is Monday, but because it is a day and it is ours and we can make it our own.

You can want to slap me for my positivity on a Monday. But it’s a day like any other and I say we see what can happen if we stop giving it such a bad rap.

by J.G. McGlothern


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