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Good Friday March 29, 2013

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It has been six years now. Six years ago I wrote a poem and every Easter season someone asks for it, usually the mother of a girlfriend. I will post this poem again, aware of all the changes in my life and in the lives of those it is about. I am cognisant of my understanding and view of Jesus…always expanding.

What does Good Friday if anything, mean to you?

For me, not even noon, on this Good Friday of 2013, I am aware of today’s personal lesson and meaning for me. Resurrection starts in our hearts. And it all started with a little argument my hubby and I had this morning. For me, today it is about listening to each other, giving birth and new life to a relationship that means the world to me. And I am pretty sure Jesus would be totally cool with that, he may even show up as my hubby and I eat lunch toghether. I know the big J showed up on our walk, in our discussion, in my tears and in the hug we shared on the front lawn. I just don’t usually call that showing up Jesus, I call it Holy Spirit, God, Divine Mystery.  I call it pretty damn awesome.

Resurrection, happening everywhere, we just have to be willing to be witness to it.


Good Friday


We walk up two by two

To kiss, kneel, bow, touch

We give reverence

In our own beautiful way

Gestures of love

Gestures of gratitude

Giving thanks

We remember.


A ten-foot cross carved from two logs

Sturdy, thick, chiseled with care

I offer my hand, kneel with bowed head

Return to my pew


I take in others’ movements of grace

A kiss

Knelt beside

Head bowed

A touch.


I see the elderly man move slowly

Feet guided by his cane and wife.

Leaning forward, unsteady

He kisses the smooth wood

As if he were kissing the feet of Jesus.


Tears wet my cheeks

I catch my breath

This elderly man

Married to my mother

Loves Jesus even more than he loves his wife

And he would give his life for her.

April 2007 – J.G. McGlothern





Monday’s Random Thought: Holy Moly March 25, 2013

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In honor of Easter week I have decided to post a blog I wrote two years ago. It is a reflection on Holy Thursday which we will celebrate in a few days. (My personal favorite of the Holy Days.)

I love that daffodils are opening and that the sun is shinning brightly today. It puts my heart in a place ready for the new season. To me Holy isn’t about what you do, to me Holy is how we all can be. To ourselves and to each other: attentive, gentle, in awe, patient, loving.

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, I invite you to celebrate life this week. Start with yourself and if that is too difficult, start by reaching out to another. A friend, a child, a partner, a sibling, a stranger. And just be in their presence. Don’t try to fix or change them. Just be in awe of their goodness, be patient in their annoyances. Be with them in it all, the good, the bad, and the oh not so pretty.

For that is the holy part of our days together, to love one another just as we are, human, messy and real.




Monday’s Random Thought: From the Ground Up March 18, 2013

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Driving home last night, from a great, but mentally exhausting day I needed to ground myself before re-entry with my family.

Do ever have those moments where you have taken in so much emotionally and mentally your head starts to spin and your body starts to sweat?

I stopped at the beach. I was already starting to feel connected to myself again just by the feel of the rocks beneath my feet. I scooped up some of those rocks and tossed them into the water. I gave each of them a name before I tossed them. A name of an emotion I had experienced, a name of a fear I was ready to release, a gratitude I was feeling in my heart. Plunk. Plop. Kerslpat into the Puget Sound.

I stood in the breeze and looked out at the amazing skyline. I noticed the seagulls flying above. I was aware of how good I felt by just taking a few moments to connect with nature, Mother Earth, Holy Spirit, Beautiful Universe. I was grounded again. No longer flying around, exhausted, drained or spent.

I was ready for the next thing. Ready to drive up the hill to my family. Before I left, I knelt down and touched the rocks, thanking them for helping me find my center. A heart shaped rock caught my eye.

Tucking the rock into my pocket I walked back to my car. It would go nicely with the other heart shape rocks I had at home.

When I take a moment to connect to all parts of me – body, mind and spirit – I always find my heart again. And hear its beautiful rhythm.

When you are spinning what brings you back? What grounds you and helps you to breathe again and feel your heart? Your big, beautiful, holy, heart.

by J.G. McGlothern


Monday’s Random Thought: Curious George March 11, 2013

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I am a Curious George fan not because he is a monkey and I love monkeys, but because he never stops….his mind is always seeking, discovering, asking questions.

Never lose a holy curiosity, says Albert Einstein.

There is so much to be curious about when it comes to ourselves and this life we are given. We are always growing, discovering more as we take new roads, follow the unbeaten path. There are new habits to form, old habits to reconsider. As we search for meaning, trust in our discoveries and allow our curious, childlike minds to take us to unexplored territory we will only unveil the holy mystery of this life of ours.

How will you be monkey like today and uncover something new about yourself?


Monday’s Random Thought: Agendaless March 4, 2013

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I entered my weekend in an unusual fashion. With no big agenda. Sure the curtain rod fell down Friday morning so I was hoping hubby could get that fixed, re-hung and yes kids had basketball and soccer games, but for the most part, no agenda.

That is not usually how I live. Usually each moment is scheduled out, full. This is when I dream of days of nothing to do, no plans.

We are a society of doing, on the go, action takers. I fit right into this and I fight against it in my heart.

Not this weekend. Not this gal. And I feel rested for it. The curtain rod got hung and the drapes even washed, but I said to hell with ironing them and took a long nap on Saturday instead. I said YES to more invited snuggles with children, I even think I kissed my husband more. I definitely laughed more. Without lots of plans and goals I was able to the beauty and gifts of the day unfold naturally.

A year ago I would have filled an unplanned Saturday with house chores, doing, moving, getting things done. This time something else won out. My heartfelt desire to have more time to just BE.

What can shift in your world if you are willing to give up the reigns? To let go of a plan? For me it is more living.

by J.G. McGlothern