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Monday’s Random Thought: Agendaless March 4, 2013

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I entered my weekend in an unusual fashion. With no big agenda. Sure the curtain rod fell down Friday morning so I was hoping hubby could get that fixed, re-hung and yes kids had basketball and soccer games, but for the most part, no agenda.

That is not usually how I live. Usually each moment is scheduled out, full. This is when I dream of days of nothing to do, no plans.

We are a society of doing, on the go, action takers. I fit right into this and I fight against it in my heart.

Not this weekend. Not this gal. And I feel rested for it. The curtain rod got hung and the drapes even washed, but I said to hell with ironing them and took a long nap on Saturday instead. I said YES to more invited snuggles with children, I even think I kissed my husband more. I definitely laughed more. Without lots of plans and goals I was able to the beauty and gifts of the day unfold naturally.

A year ago I would have filled an unplanned Saturday with house chores, doing, moving, getting things done. This time something else won out. My heartfelt desire to have more time to just BE.

What can shift in your world if you are willing to give up the reigns? To let go of a plan? For me it is more living.

by J.G. McGlothern


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