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Monday’s Random Thought: Holy Moly March 25, 2013

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In honor of Easter week I have decided to post a blog I wrote two years ago. It is a reflection on Holy Thursday which we will celebrate in a few days. (My personal favorite of the Holy Days.)

I love that daffodils are opening and that the sun is shinning brightly today. It puts my heart in a place ready for the new season. To me Holy isn’t about what you do, to me Holy is how we all can be. To ourselves and to each other: attentive, gentle, in awe, patient, loving.

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, I invite you to celebrate life this week. Start with yourself and if that is too difficult, start by reaching out to another. A friend, a child, a partner, a sibling, a stranger. And just be in their presence. Don’t try to fix or change them. Just be in awe of their goodness, be patient in their annoyances. Be with them in it all, the good, the bad, and the oh not so pretty.

For that is the holy part of our days together, to love one another just as we are, human, messy and real.




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