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Monday’s Random Thought: A Little R and G April 1, 2013

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The past few days my morning prayer has been that, “I give and receive love, patience and peace.”

I want love in my life, who doesn’t, right? I need patience. AND I really, really want to leave peacefully. In order for me to receive these things and BE these things I must first give them. Live them out myself. Be these things. Love. Patience. Peace.

So I have stopped myself during the day, after the prayer and noticed my actions and readjusted. I stop myself more than once. Often. Even thought the prayer is my intention, words I meditate on and give up to the Universe, I still must do the work, live the life and be in the moment.

I have also stopped and been grateful for those moments someone showed their love to me, were patient with me or acted peacefully. The more I am aware, the more I notice, readjust, and acknowledge, the more I am aware of all I am receiving. Wow, what a blessing. It makes me only want to keep the circle going and aim for giving more.



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