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Monday’s Random Thought: Heart Choice May 20, 2013

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When I decided to begin this blogging adventure in the spring of 2009, the task of picking a name for my blog came easily.

Back in 2009, making decisions easily was not natural for me. A long process usually transpired before committing to a decision. I wanted to make the “right” choice, I didn’t want to disappoint others and I just really had no idea how to decide between options. Often I stood paralyzed making no choice at all.

Before I decided to begin this blog, I had known for a very long time that I wanted to be a writer. That decision chose me.

The part I wasn’t sure of was “how” to be a writer. Taking a walk in the woods, on a writing retreat on Whidbey Island, in 2006, I asked that very question…How do I write? Near the retreat location, just down the road and through the woods there was a labyrinth made of seashells and stones meticulously set out in overgrown grass. At one time I imaged the labyrinth was easy to make out but with the tall grass covering many of the shells and stones one had to concentrate.

For those of you not sure exactly what the hell a labyrinth is, it is an intricate combination of paths in which it is difficult to find one’s way or to reach the exit. A maze of sorts. For someone like me who would freeze at the thought of making a decision, walking a labyrinth was a risk. I was alone. I couldn’t ask anyone their opinion of which path to take. The idea is to ask a question and walk the labyrinth with the intention of discovering your answer once you reach the end.

I held my question in my head, How do I become a writer, how do I write?, and began my journey through the tall grass. I hung onto my question with great anticipation, as I walked faithfully, trusting on my own wisdom about which path to take, which turn to follow. It took longer than it would have taken with mowed grass perhaps so I also had to walk with patience.

Winding my way back to the beginning of the labyrinth my heart beat faster. Part of me wanted to just jump over the grass and leave the confusing pattern of shells and rocks and just avoid the answer. What if it didn’t come after all? Then I came back to my desire. More than anything, the strongest desire within me was and still is to write.

Just two steps out of the labyrinth my answer came, From your heart. Write from your heart. This is how you will become a writer.

So simple. So clear.

That is why three later when I decided to start this blog the decision process on creating a name for the blog was clear. As clear as a white shell among blades of green grass.



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