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Monday’s Random Thought: Faith Walk June 24, 2013

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Last night on the Discovery Channel I watched Nik Wallenda walk across a tightrope, 1,500 feet in the air, over the Colorado River near the Grand Canyon.

No safety line. No net. Nothing to support him should he slip and fall. The only thing below was the Colorado River and a hell of a lot of rocks.

He had nothing outside of himself for support but as I watched him take each step it became very clear he had one thing inside of himself that gave him all the support he needed. This man had Faith in a power greater than himself far wider than the Grand Canyon.

Wired to a microphone we could hear his every word. My mouth dropped as he stepped onto the rope and heard his first words, “Thank you God, thank you Jesus, this is so beautiful.” Most would want to pee their pants and hold their breath out of fear. Not this man. He thanked God, asked God, believed in God, relied on God, gave it to God, thanked God again and again, with practically each step he took across that two inch tightrope.

His faith was greater than his doubt.

He trained hard for this adventure, he put in his hours, he kept his eye on his goal and he just kept putting one step in front of the other with total and complete faith.

When we get out of our head and trust, believe and have faith in something we can’t see we discover possibility. I have absolutely no desire to take this same walk. I was not born into a high-wire artist family like Nik, so the urge to walk in the air thousands of feet above the ground is currently not my calling.

But I do have my own calling. And Nik’s inspiration is applicable no matter what you want to do in your life or where you desire to go. We may not all believe in Jesus and share the same Christian faith as he does but we all have the choice to believe in a power far greater than ourselves. A power than transcends possibility, defies gravity and gets us from where we are to where we want to go.

What is currently driving you as you navigate across your own life’s tightwire, faith or doubt?
Are you willing to stretch any doubt into a place of trust, a place of faith?


Monday’s Random Thought: Tired June 17, 2013

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When I am tired my whole world is fuzzy. My thoughts tend to lean to the negative side. I slip into old, self destructive mind patterns. I eat more mayonnaise and peanut butter. Not together.

Sleep is not over rated. It is essential.

Rest should not be deserted just because there is so much to get done. Rest fuels us so we can get what we want accomplished but more importantly it adds the spark that clears the fog so we can visualize our waking dreams.

Oh, there is no greater invention than sleep.

It is not only where we work out our waking hours with our weird sleeping dreams it is where we get the inspiration for those moments our eyes are wide open.

But I will add, being tired often makes me sound more poetic than I would be if I was fully rested.


Monday’s Random Thought: Silent Thanks June 10, 2013

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Do you ever have the desire to pray, the urge to seek out through prayer but don’t know where to begin? Feel guilty ‘cause you have been ignoring your desire?

Prayer is not about being guilty or undeserving. Prayer is a personal connection to your God of Understanding. No one can tell you how to pray or who to pray to, for that is your decision.

I say when you want to begin the dialogue of praying, begin with silence, just show up in stillness. Stay quiet long enough to hear the birds singing. And if that leaves you fidgety and nervous to hear the wisdom and grace of your own breath, try saying THANK YOU.

The best two word prayer I know. For me it gets me out of my head into my heart and to a place of recognizing I am not in this alone.

by J.G. McGlothern


Monday’s Random Thought: A Feast of Tears June 3, 2013

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There are two types of folks. Criers and non-criers. You could break that down even further. The closet criers and the open criers, those who cry at everything and those who cry at anything dealing with injustice. Coke commercial criers. Olympic criers. Movie criers.

As my crying evolves, as do I, I would say I am a crier at what moves me. That can be movies, commercials, anything sports related, God related, music related. Basically anything life related.

This weekend our son made his First Holy Communion. If you aren’t familiar with this event, it is one of the sacraments of the Catholic Church

We belong to a church with a deaf community and one of the three boys receiving this sacrament belongs to this community. As the mass is signed, often the youth of our parish sign songs during special occasions. With Holy Communion being a very special occasion, the boys got to sign a song during mass. During practice on Saturday, as they signed the song, Come to Our Feast, I told their leader, I’m going to be crying up a storm tomorrow.
This doesn’t make everyone comfortable. Tears for some represent weakness, lack of control, a problem.

When I am moved emotionally, I can’t keep the tears from coming, nor do I want to, especially when they are tears of joy.

Church is a place where I often have welled up eyes and it usually has to do with the music, rarely is there a Coke commercial played at church.

On Sunday, during Holy Communion Mass each boy walked down the aisle separately, carrying the gifts to the altar. Our son carried the wine. I know not everyone, but some think of this as the blood of Christ. So kind of a big deal. He stood at the back of the church waiting for his signal to walk down the aisle. As he processed to the song, Come to Our Feast, beaming proudly, all emotions took over my body. Joy. Pride. Love. Enthusiasm. And more Love. And of course the way I emote best is through tears. Beaming back at him as he passed our pew to the altar my entire face was wet. He beamed back. He knows his mama and he knows her tears. He knows they were tears of joy. Tears of love. And nothing could hold them back, nor did I want them to.

Tears are Holy energy moving through us and I don’t ever want to block, stuff, or ignore that.

The combination of hearing the invitation of the words, Come to our feast, come to our feast, the young and the old, the frightened the bold, the greatest and the least…, seeing my son’s smile, knowing how much he loves God, all of this was exploding with joy inside of me and the only way for those emotions to be expressed were through my tears. Holy. Loving. Joyful tears. Nothing could stop it. Nor did I want them to.

I wear my tears proudly and I hope you do too. And if you are a closet crier, you have my permission to do that proudly as well. Just let ‘em flow when necessary. And allow your tears to bathe you, nourish you, fill you, heal you, express you. Now that is a Holy Feast.