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Monday’s Random Thought: Tired June 17, 2013

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When I am tired my whole world is fuzzy. My thoughts tend to lean to the negative side. I slip into old, self destructive mind patterns. I eat more mayonnaise and peanut butter. Not together.

Sleep is not over rated. It is essential.

Rest should not be deserted just because there is so much to get done. Rest fuels us so we can get what we want accomplished but more importantly it adds the spark that clears the fog so we can visualize our waking dreams.

Oh, there is no greater invention than sleep.

It is not only where we work out our waking hours with our weird sleeping dreams it is where we get the inspiration for those moments our eyes are wide open.

But I will add, being tired often makes me sound more poetic than I would be if I was fully rested.


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