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Monday’s Random Thought: Pick it or Kick it? July 15, 2013

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Driving my kids to swim team practice this morning, we needed a reframe. Little drama going out the front door and now in the car was a new moment. An opportunity to shift and readjust. Time to leave the harried moment on the front porch and create a new moment with new feelings, attitudes and energy.

I turned on the radio. “Pick it or Kick it?”, I inquired. We have been playing this game for four summers now on our drive to the pool. When a song comes on the radio, we take a vote to keep it or to switch the channel to a different song.

Simple rules: Want it, say “Pick”. Don’t want it, say “Kick it”. Majority rules. Driver has veto power.

When Same Love by Macklemore came on, no need for a vote. I cranked the volume.

We are trying to learn the lyrics and sing along. We are getting there, even though his rap tempo is probably always going to be too fast for me. But my little rappers in the backseat are picking it up easily. Just took a little practice.

“Love is patient, love is kind……love is patient, love is kind”, the words repeat at the end of the song. Only today, for the first time, after hearing them everyday at least twice, did I really hear them.

Love. Is. Patient. Love. Is. Kind.

That is how we got out of the morning drama so quickly and were able to transition to fun and laughter, by being patient and by being kind. We have had this morning drama before, we have gotten good at it.

But through practice, trying it again and again, we will continue to get good at picking patience and love and kindness and kicking the drama to the curb.

by J.G. McGlothern


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