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Monday’s Random Thought: Food for Thought July 29, 2013

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Our negative thoughts about ourselves are more damaging than anything we can digest.

My belief is that if we tell ourselves that we are unworthy, undeserving, too dumb, too short, too fat, not good enough in any way by a simple thought, that is far more damaging than eating high fructose corn syrup.

There is all this talk about eating organic, eating too much sugar, etc, etc, and yes, I get it. But the thoughts we tell ourselves and believe are far more debilitating than any amount of sugar or pesticides.

Nutritionists and avid label readers may argue this one against me.

I have seen far more damage and destruction from they way we think about ourselves then from eating white sugar or swallowing plastic.

Exaggeration? Dramatic? But perhaps it has you thinking about what you breathe in today.


2 Responses to “Monday’s Random Thought: Food for Thought”

  1. yogaleigh Says:

    I agree! I also believe how I think about a given food has more to do with its effect on me than what’s in the food

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