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Monday’s Random Thought: Move Over August 12, 2013

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Sometimes life is a series of adjustments. One plan, derailed. New plan emerges.

Husband took vacation early and is home today. I love that he is home, who wouldn’t love that right? I have been missing him and not seeing enough of him lately.

But he is messing with my plans for the day. Upsetting my apple cart. Doing things I am not use to. Happy to be home, showing his authentic self, not the reserved, grumpy, focused work self. And his authentic, loving, big hearted self takes up space, good space of course, but space I hadn’t made room for today.

So I breathe. Readjust. Am grateful. I make room and get right back on track even if the train is now heading in a new direction.

J.G. McGlothern


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