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Monday’s Random Thought: Fear Factor August 26, 2013

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Before going to bed last night, hubby and I had a decision to discuss. He wanted my thoughts on a choice he has to make. A choice that affects the whole family. At the end of our talk, we both agreed we needed a little more information and that we should sleep on it.

When I woke up this morning, I had one big thought floating in my brain,”Don’t make your decision based on fear.” I felt it strongly in my bones. I found hubby in the kitchen and shared my thought. He agreed.

So all morning, that has been on my mind. Choosing out of fear. Lots of times, I deal with my children based on my fear of how I think they will respond. That hurts everyone. I decide to do something all around the notion of how I fear they will react.

Facing fear is loaded with unknowns. But unknowns that don’t even exist. Today, a grey Monday, before my first cup of coffee has even cooled, I vow to myself to choose with love not fear. To step into the unknown with faith, not doubt and with all the hope in the world. When I do that I am breathing and not holding my breath. Living. Living unafraid.


2 Responses to “Monday’s Random Thought: Fear Factor”

  1. Laura Douglas Says:

    Great post Jenny!

  2. Jennifer Herrin Says:

    But sometimes fear is your subconscious/survival instincts saying, “DON”T DO IT! DON”T DO IT!” If more people acted out of fear, there would be a lot less dead people in horror movies!
    Just messing with you, Jenny – as always, I love your blog!!

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