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Monday’s Random Thought: It’s All in the Sweat September 30, 2013

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At the beginning of yoga class this morning, our instructor called attention to the gentleman in the back row. This was his 30th class in 30 days. The 30 day challenge is a common thing, I am learning, in the Bikram world. We were invited to dedicate our class to him.

So I did. I dedicated my 90 minutes of blood, sweat and tears to Doug, the guy old enough to by my father in the red speedo.

I had a great class. I let go. Feeling light and focused, I remembered Doug and sent him good vibes. Not to mention sweat poured out of me like pig in the noon day sun.

At the end of class, showered, and putting on my rain boots. I saw Doug in the lobby. We have never met and I said, If you were to sum up your 30 day challenge in one word what would it be?

Gratitude, he told me.

I wanted to hug him. I could’ve now that I was fresh as a daisy. Instead, I put my hand on his shoulder, it wasn’t weird, now that he was in pants and not his speedo, and said, Thank you for your inspiration.

He could’ve chosen so many other words. But he chose the one that filled his heart and for that, I too, am grateful for it filled my heart as well.


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