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Monday’s Random Thought: The New Normal October 28, 2013

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I was recently in a discussion with another a parent about boys crying in public, boys crying in general. It was clear during our debate that he felt differently than I did and it was even more clear that we were both passionate about our feelings. Our opinions. Our own truths.

In the discussion the opinion that boys crying in public was outside of the norm was brought up and who would want to be out of the norm?
This brings me to my thought for this Monday, just because it is not the norm doesn’t make it right. Or better.

Were the preaching and choices of Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, or Jesus, within the norm of society? I think not. They stepped outside of the box. Sure one ended up in prison for thirty years, two were assassinated and one was nailed to the cross but that is the way history has treated those who dare to be different, dare to speak up for injustice.

What if the new normal was to respect, honor and celebrate those courageous souls instead of fear them? We would live in a pretty different place. Maybe we would then live in a world that accepted tears from everyone, including boys.


Monday’s Random Thought: Face to Face October 21, 2013

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As a life coach and retreat leader I find that often the client in front of me or the woman in the retreat circle is myself. Me with a different face. Whomever is needing coaching, the one in need of receiving at a retreat is quite often me. So I find myself coaching…me.

We are given the opportunity to grow every day. Some days we turn our backs and other days we embrace the growth with open arms ready to blossom. I believe when we are ready to move forward, is when we come face to face with who or what we exactly need. The thing that opens are eyes, the thing that propels us forward.

As a coach it is humbling, awe inspiring and a Divine gift to be seated across from someone who wants to grow, uncover, and move forward on similar things that touch my life. The same hurdles I want to jump, related stones on adjacent paths that are waiting to be noticed and moved to the side.

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Monday’s Random Thought: Behind the Face October 14, 2013

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Everyone we encounter has a story behind their frown, smile, squinted eyes, awkward glance, open laugh.

Whatever it is that makes them frown, smile, be confused, look away or embrace life in a particular moment probably has nothing to do with you. When we take things personal we are making assumptions that are more than likely false. We are making up a story that isn’t even ours.

It has taken me years to come to this. I have spent much of my life assuming, taking things personally. It is my story and I get to direct the next chapter. I may not know who is on the next page but I know that I can make the choice to embrace them as they are, without assumption and without taking what they say or do to heart.


Monday’s Random Thought: Save the World October 7, 2013

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I had to give up watching the news and reading the paper. Discovering all the pain, dysfunction, tragedy, abuse and sadness in the world always left me spinning. Our world is a big one and I choose to pay attention to the other side. The side of joy, creation, success, growth, renewal and love.

Don’t worry I am not wearing blinders, I get it, I know about the other side. It’s just that when I look at the ugly, painful parts every day, it overwhelms me and keeps me from moving forward in my own life. I am not trying to be Polyanna here, I just know myself. Being hit every day with the injustice going on all over the place isn’t healthy for me. I don’t know what to do with it. My arms break from trying to hold it all. I get that it is not my job to hold it all. I understand that I do what I can and that is enough. I send positive light, love and energy out to the world. I do little things to pitch in and do my part.

I am just aware of what happens to me when I regularly read the news. I get swallowed up and then have a difficult time breathing and seeing the light through the trees. Maybe a part of me takes it personally.

I guess what I do is seek balance. I don’t completely cut myself off from the world but I don’t let the news of it consume me. And when the information I receive overwhelms my heart and baffles my brain I put out loving thoughts to the situation. I pray by lighting a candle, meditating on a loving word or simply hold up the news and see it surrounded in bright, white light.

Are you a news junky, always caught up on what is going on in the world? Or do you throw up your hands in frustration and block out worldy news as much as you can? How do you seek balance with it all?