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Monday’s Random Thought: Preparation December 2, 2013

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Yesterday was the first day of Advent, the four weeks before Christmas. In the Catholic tradition I was raised in, it is the time we prepare our hearts for the birth of Jesus.

In our house, the four of us are practicing working, living, loving and being a family of four. We get lots of practice. We stumble, we get back up, we hurt each other, we forgive, starting all over. In a sense we are preparing to be the best family we can be, the highest version of ourselves. The prep time could probably go on forever.

For the last couple of years we have used Advent as a time to practice kindness to each other. We draw a name out of a hat and that is the person in our little family of four that we are especially kind to for these four weeks. One could say we should be kind to everyone, every day, but sometimes a focused agenda helps. I drew my son’s name. No surprise to me. He is the one I have the hardest being patient to and showing consistent kindness. He is my mirror. I also have a challenging time being kind to myself.

This preparation time, regardless of how I feel about Jesus being born in a stable is about opening my heart up to receive. Receive the gifts of abundance so that I can continue to work, live, love, be and give back to my little family of four. For it all starts with my family. If I can’t love them deep enough to prepare my heart for them, every day, not just during the four weeks before Christmas, then I am not able to share my heart with the rest of the world. Then I am left holding a shattered mirror.

Jenny Gwinn McGlothern is a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Retreat Leader and Writer. You can find her on FaceBook, http://www.FaceBook.com/MamaNeedsARefill or visit her website: http://www.mamaneedsarefill.com


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