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Monday’s Random Thought: Light December 23, 2013

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I share with you my blog post from December 25, 2012 below.

This year the adults in my family will receive homemade chocolate not a candle. I had totally forgotten about writing this poem even though it was just last year. I offer this light to all of you, this year as well.

This Christmas all the adults in our family are getting a candle and the poem written below. I share this with you and invite you to light a candle and send out love into the world. If you are unable to light a candle, light one in your heart and ignite the fire of your soul. May the Spirit of Christmas, whatever that means to you, fill your heart today and always.

by J.G. McGlothern

A single flame fills a room with radiant
That simple flame ignites my soul with hope.
As I light the wick I surrender
my prayers to the heavens, give up control,
trust in the mystery of it all
choose to believe in the power of one
small bit of
The changing power
of one
The beauty and possibility of believing in love.
This Christmas may the light of your candle bring you exactly what your soul craves,
as you ignite its flame,
with a moment of quiet, a handful of tears, a spark of joy…
May it fill your entire being with gratitude and peace.


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