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Monday’s Random Thought: Neither Here nor There December 30, 2013

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We are in that in between place. Christmas is over but New Years has not happened yet. Lights still decorate our streets, Christmas fudge crumbs are still in the tin, but our minds are on the future. Thoughts of what’s around the corner. We are thinking of what’s ahead and perhaps not in the moment at all. I am quilty of that quite often. Completely lost in the future that the present gets ignored.

This Christmas I really operated with one intention, to be in the present. It paid off. I enjoyed the holiday because I was mentally, physicallly, emotionally and spiritually present to it. But now in these days in between I am wandering back to old habits of not being in the present. Thinking of 2014 and I still have a few days left in 2013.

I want the kids back in school, I am ready to take down the tree, ideas for work are percolating, I am ready to start fresh and begin again. Bring on the New Year.

When I am not present to what is in front of me, trouble begins. I get grouchy, things don’t flow smoothly. Today our power was out for three hours. I felt frozen at first. Then I realized these circumstances were just circumstances. With WiFi down I couldn’t work. I lit candles instead and played Monopoly with my kids.

Nothing else mattered. Nothing else does matter when you are fully engaged in the moment. I got there by surrender, deep breaths and being aware to what was in front of me not out there in an unknown future.

I didn’t get grouchy and everything flowed just fine.

What helps you when you are in that in between place to get back to the present? For in the present is where our life is, this is where the living happens.


2 Responses to “Monday’s Random Thought: Neither Here nor There”

  1. yogaleigh Says:

    When I’m mindful enough to note that I need to shift, I start with deep breathing. And then change my thoughts in whatever direction will remind me all is well

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