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Monday’s Random Thought: Then There Were 12 February 3, 2014

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As a born and raised tried and true Seattlite, I am watching, dancing and taking it all in. Notoriously a fair weather fan when it comes to sports, Seattle, brought it yesterday to the Superbowl. And they didn’t just hop on the band wagon yesterday, it’s lasted longer than a teenager’s first girlfriend.

Seattle fans brought their game and in many ways carried their team across the finish line, oh wait, I mean into the end zone. This whole 12th man thing has spread like wildfire across the city and yesterday across to the other side of the country. The number 12 adorns every shop window around the corner from my house. Homes have removed the Christmas wreaths and have decorated with the Seahawk blue and green. Seahawk jerseys are the new hoody. Go Hawks, is the new Hello.

It’s been this way for many weeks now and after yesterday’s Superbowl Victory for the Seattle Seahawks, I am curious to see how long it lasts. I think it is going to stick around. You can feel it in the air. Strangers greet eachother, conversations hatching when otherwise people would just walk on by, keep to themselves.

I don’t know much about football but I know a bit about energy. And wowza it has been in the air. Electric. Congtagious. Miracle making. Energy spreads like wildfire, the power of it unstoppable. This Twelfth Man Seattle Fan thing is in the air and my only hope is that it hangs out and doesn’t disappear with the change in the weather. I have a good feeling, this is everyone’s hope. And if that is the case, it will stick around for a very long time.

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3 Responses to “Monday’s Random Thought: Then There Were 12”

  1. ardisanelson Says:

    It’s fantastic, isn’t it? The energy, the optimism, the hope. I wrote something on my blog about it too, and am working on a follow-up. So proud to be treated like a part of the team and have the national spotlight on our city in a positive way.

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