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Monday’s Random Thought: Off the Beaten Track March 24, 2014

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In Robert Frost’s famous poem, The Road Not Taken, we are told of two roads diverging in a wood and how he, “…took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

This weekend I chose to get off the main road of my life and head out of town. My writing partner and friend, Sonya (http://sonyaelliott.com/blog.html/) and I packed our bags and hopped on a train from our homes in Seattle and headed south. Our destination? Relaxation, writing, reading, coffee shops, good food, book stores, anything that caught our attention. These activities that we love take the backseat in our daily lives because of all the hats we wear as wives, moms, coaches (she baketball, me life) and much more.

Portland, Oregon was the perfect destination to do all these things. Some would say we could’ve done all that back home in Seattle but we wouldn’t. Too many distractions and duties. In order to do the things we love it required getting out of town. Taking a new path. Leaving our familiar ways of routine and structure to tap into what stirs us. We honored and took the time to fill up on the simple things that fill us deeply: good conversation, rest, writing, exploring book stores. (We enjoy time with each of our husbands, but three hours in a book store is something neither of them would entertain or dream of calling “a great way to spend the afternoon.”

We didn’t hop on the midnight train to Georgia but the short destination fueled us back up for our lives back home. Lives we love, but lives filled with following the main road. Lives that don’t necessarily allow for three hour detours wandering among rows and rows of books.

The train trip to and from wound through farmland, hugged the Puget Sound coastline and followed the track through woods, valleys and orchards not ever seen by the Interstate from a car window. This different perspective refreshed my mind and opened my heart. Back home, I am more present to the hats I wear because I took the time and created the space to travel, if only briefly, on the side road of my life. And yes, it has made all the difference. Just ask my husband.

Jenny Gwinn McGlothern is a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Retreat Leader and Writer. You can find her on FaceBook, http://www.FaceBook.com/MamaNeedsARefill or visit her website: http://www.mamaneedsarefill.com


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