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Monday’s Random Thought: Random Act of Total Kindness March 31, 2014

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Leaving yoga class yesterday morning as I headed to my car, I spotted a young family coming out of a popular neighborhood bakery. You know those times when you feel like you have just walked in on someone’s personal, private moment? It was one of those.

The couple was watching their little toddler, toddle down the sidewalk at the same time they were approaching a woman standing against the building. The man stopped in front of the woman and her shopping cart full of black garbage bags and handed her a bagette sandwich freshly wrapped from the bakery. “I thouught you might like this,” he said softly handing her the sandwich.

She was delighted and open to receive this love offering.

They parted ways. The event took less than ten seconds.

I passed them all teary and touched. I had just witnessed a sacred moment of one stranger reaching out to another. I thought for a second about turning around and telling the couple how cool that was and how they had just made my day as well. But I thought better of it and chose to keep walking to my car. They didn’t do it to look cool. I just happened to be walking by, no one else was around to witness this act.

Something small. A meal for a stranger. An offering of love received with open arms. And I got to witness it. Very cool.

Jenny Gwinn McGlothern is a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Retreat Leader and Writer. You can find her on FaceBook, http://www.FaceBook.com/MamaNeedsARefill or visit her website: http://www.mamaneedsarefill.com


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