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Monday’s Random Thought: All Heady April 28, 2014

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Do the thoughts in your head fill you up or bring you down? Are they life giving or life depleting?

When you look in the mirror are the little messages running rampant in your mind speaking words of love and kindness or fear and shame? As you wake in the morning is the first thought dancing in your mind filled with good vibes that will carry you through the day or will you admit the opposite?

Today, I invite you if you are willing, to pay attention to your thoughts and see how they are serving you, your life and all those in your world.

I am curious if a shift in your head will also create a shift in you heart. What do you think?

Jenny Gwinn McGlothern is a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Retreat Leader and Writer. You can find her on FaceBook, http://www.FaceBook.com/MamaNeedsARefill or visit her website: http://www.mamaneedsarefill.com


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