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Monday’s Random Thought: Blossoming March 9, 2015

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Here in the Northwest Spring has sprung. This has us Seattleites both worried and elated. Crocus and camellia buds have opened and are already withered and fallen on the grass. Cherry blossoms in February. Daffodils in March. It has come fast these heralds of Spring leaving us all perplexed. Will we never see snow again? What will this say of summer?

With the concern comes joy. What a delight to be greeted by the bright sunny face of a morning daffodil or playful pink tulip. I had no idea I lived near so many Apple and Cherry Blossoms trees. Flowers line the streets reminding us of possibility. Blossoming trees encouraging us to remember the power of hope.

We are like flowers and budding trees. We have our seasons where we are under ground and then our time when we are called out by the light to come out and play. Sometimes that time is unexpected and unplanned. Just like the Spring flowers are not questioning their early presence we should not question when we are called out to shine.

If you are feeling the nudge to come out and shine, there is never a wrong season. The nudge is invitation enough. Like the flowers are meant to blossom, so are we, in our own way, with our own gifts. Shine on, I say. Come out and play. Share your natural gifts with the world. Blossom forth. Chances are when we blossom forth, others will follow. And what a colorful bouquet that is, indeed.

Jenny Gwinn McGlothern is a Certified Transformational Master Life Coach, Retreat Leader and Writer. As founder of Mama Needs A Refill, LLC, she is passionate about all people, not just mamas, receiving an authentic physical, mental, emotional, spiritual refill. She says, “One cannot pour from an empty cup,” and offers her clients the possibility and power of pouring for themselves, first. She is also co-facilitator at Seattle Life Coach Training (www.seattlelifecoachtraining.com), where the school “trains to transform lives.” You can find her on FaceBook, http://www.FaceBook.com/MamaNeedsARefill or visit her website: http://www.mamaneedsarefill.com)


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