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Monday’s Random Thought: Seek it, Find it, BOOM June 15, 2015

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Look what I found on a girls getaway this weekend? Heart rocks usually find me, I sought out this one and found it waiting for me.

Away this weekend with girlfriends I learned about Hailey Bartholomew. She hung out with us too for part of the weekend. My friend showed us videos of Hailey’s work with gratitude, her TED Talk and introduced us to her website, http://365grateful.com/ Her journey made our way into our conversations and inspired a discovery on one of our walks through the woods.

Hailey and me both like to reflect on our day, use gratitude as therapy and collect heart rocks. Around the time I started this blog, Hailey was in Australia on her own search. In one of her videos she tells us, You find what you look for.

In the video as her bucket filled up with heart rocks and she proved you truly find what you seek my eyes filled up with tears. YES! If you look for the day to be overwhelming, busy and crappy then BOOM, your wish is your command. If you decide you will seek peace, joy, fun and even a heart rock, BOOM, wish granted.

It all begins with an attitude, followed up by an open heart filled with faith, held together with trust. Then get out of your own way. Look in the unexpected places. Belive in possibility.

As far as my relationship with heart rocks go, it was a little different. They found me. I wasn’t necessarily looking for them. I would be on a morning walk to the beach with our dog Buford and one would catch my eye. Away on family vacation and hearts would find me in the sand in the form of a jellyfish, shell or rock. Walking not even near the beach Buford would lead me to a heart leaf, heart shaped acorn, or another part of nature. Recently people are bringing me rocks to yoga class or posting pictures of heart shaped discoveries of their own on my FaceBook and Instagram pages. Strawberries bursting with love. A white coral heart. A swirling heart in a coffee cup which goes right along with the other thing I definitely look for, cups! Cups with words of wisdom, something to hold on to when I need a bit of inspiration. Wordless cups offering something hot and soothing, posed perfectly for me to snap its picture. A blog follower delivered colored espresso cups to my front door.

After watching Hailey’s video about hunting for heart rocks, it was our turn to take a walk. Our walk wasn’t at all near the beach, in the woods and through a meadow. I decided to look for a heart rock. I found lots of “almosts” until there it was half buried on the dirt trail waiting for me to see it. The heart rock I was looking for only this time I didn’t put it in my pocket, I took its picture, then left it for some other seeker to find on their path.

For not only do you find what you look for, if you are willing to receive, someone will deliver it, right to your feet, smack dab into your extended hands, right to your open heart.

Jenny Gwinn McGlothern is a Certified Transformational Master Life Coach, Retreat Leader and Writer. As founder of Mama Needs A Refill, LLC, her retreat business, she is passionate about women giving themselves an authentic physical, mental, emotional, spiritual refill. She says, “One cannot pour from an empty cup,” and offers her life coach clients and retreat attendees the possibility and power of pouring for themselves, first. You can find her on FaceBook, www.FaceBook.com/MamaNeedsARefill or visit her website: www.mamaneedsarefill.com)


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  1. Love this post and love my heart rocks!

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