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Monday’s Random Thought: Drunken Love September 21, 2015

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He has taught me love and patience.

This morning on my daily walk with the dog after waving goodbye to my son at the bus stop I noticed a man reading at a bus stop bench as I passed by. I knew I had to say, Hello. Don’t ask me why, I just felt the nudge at my heart string, Say hello. So I listened to the nudge and he responded to my greeting.

Good morning, I said walking on by not knowing this was the unlocking of a significant moment.

I see these dogs get people out every morning, he responded.

What’s that? I turned back toward the bench, already knowing my walk would have to wait.

These dogs, pointing to mine, get people outside. I sit on this bench and I watch people and I read and watch…and that is how it all started. Twenty five minutes later I said goodbye and in between was a good crazy connection with a stranger. Yes, he was drunk. Yes, it was 8 in the morning and no the beer can falling out of his pocket was not my only clue. It doesn’t matter, We all have had meanigful and meaningless drunk conversations. Eiither we were the drunk one or we were the sober one.This was meaningful and maybe only to me. And for the record I was the sober one, but sobriety isn’t even what matters at all in this story. Did I say that already?

The man’s tale and yes he has a name I will never forget, it happens to be my favorite male name, woke me to the present moment more than a strong cup of black coffee. He shared three times that he retired 8 months ago, three times that he lived in the apartment across the street, three times that he was Icelandic, three times that he was raising his twenty year old autistic son with special needs and he told me once, My boy has taught me love and patience.

We both teared up on that one. Here was this guy, drunk on a bench at 8 am on a Monday morning reminding me about love and patience. I didn’t even know he was drunk until ten minutes in and I wonder if I picked that up sooner if I would’ve left the conversation after the first hint of intoxication. Thank God I didn’t. Sometimes it’s really good to be clueless.

I was tuned in to his story, his lesson of love and patience from a boy who understands numbers better than words, who gets them kicked out of the neighborhood library for his outbursts and who every day tells him, Daddy loves me. All the other part didn’t matter. The message of love and patience from a boy that brings challenges, that’s all I needed to hear on my Monday morning walk with my dog after waving goodbye to my son at the bus stop. Did I say that already?

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