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Monday’s Random Thought: On the Rise December 21, 2015

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Yesterday’s morning hike on Maui….heart leaves, of course.

Saturday morning flying to our Christmas vacation destination my kiddos watched the inflight disaster movie San Andreas. Think an earthquake of high magnitude, explosion, drama, flooding, death.

The events of the movie were told to me in bits and pieces throughout the rest of the day. My youngest wanted to know about the likely hood of an earthquake. I could hear the gears in his brain kicking into place with his curiosity. He is a worrier with a lot of anxiety especially under certain situations. Tired and hungry.

The next day we ventured to the Iao Valley State Park on the island of Maui to check out the Eye of the Needle, an extension an extinct volcano. Not only does the park provide beautiful views of the Needle, lush terrain, gorgeous trees and flowers there is a rapidly flowing river. Along the lookout spots and near the river were warning signs telling us about flash floods. My curious son wanted to know any details I could provide about a flash flood. The warning sign even said to be aware of “imminent death” on the ocassion of a flash flood. We kept on the winding path discovering new birds and taking in our surroundings. At the fork in the road we could go back the way we came or head down a new path. My mom and daughter headed down the new path and my son waited for me to catch up to him. He wanted to go back to the car immediately. The switch had been flipped and for reasons I would soon discover his anxiety had completely washed over his being.

He agreed to wait at the fork in the road while I ventured down quickly to update the rest of our family we would be back at the car. On my return to him he asked what was at the bottom of the path. When I told him about the trees and plants he took a deep breath.

No river edge? He asked.

No. I assured him.

Based on an earlier conversation he had assumed we were going to wade in the river. He went on to explain that the warning signs reminded him of the San Andreas movie he had seen the day before.

Ahhhhh. I got it now. He went to his fear place. A big screen of disaster one day and a real life warning sign in his face the next. A dangerous combination. Fear it grabs ahold of you when you least expect it. Messes with your head and elicits eradic behaviour.

With facts he calmed down. Finding his breath he refocused.

What tools do you use to find your center again when fear gets inside of you and plays for real not for fun? Is the fear helpful, getting you where you need to be or is it keeping you from the present moment, grounded in the truth before you?

It wasn’t raining, the sky was blue, no signs of a flash flood, we weren’t far from the car. The facts of the present moment. Breathing in his surroundings he found his calm self. Not jumping on his worry train I kept my peace. Together we found Grace.

Hi,  I’m Jenny Gwinn McGlothern, Certified Transformational Master Life Coach, Retreat Leader and Writer. As founder of my retreat business, Mama Needs A Refill, LLC, one way I know I fill my cup is by showing up to a blank page to write. Thank you for stopping by and reading my Random Monday Thoughts, because I will be honest that fills my cup too, knowing others are reading my filled page. Life is too short to blog about anything else unless it touches my heart. Please know I appreciate you joining me on this journey whether you visit every week since I began in 2008 or this is your first blog stop.

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