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Monday’s Random Thought: Love at Denny’s February 22, 2016

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No heart picture today, instead a picture of the place where I connected with my heart on a Sunday afternoon.

I love pie.

When my dad was alive he was all about getting a piece of pie at Denny’s. Best pie, he would tell me. After many visits with him and hearing about his restaraunt trips with my sister or on his own, I know it wasn’t just the pie he loved at Denny’s. My sister and I would say, Dad loves the waitresses. He did. He loved the exchanges of conversation and connecting with the people who listened. The waitresses filled him up with their caring, their connecting as they poured his coffee and brought him a slice of pie.

I love my dad.

Daddy has been gone for nearly fourteen years and I’m sure it’s been over twenty years since I last ate pie with him at Denny’s. Sunday I found myself at Denny’s. I was hungry and I didn’t know if it was for pie or for my dad. Relishing in the time by myself, taking up space for one in my big booth, I drank my tea, ate my meal and thought a lot about daddy and our times at Denny’s. And then I thought about ordering pie. The dessert menu didn’t have pie. Apple crisp, ice cream sundaes and cheesecake, no pie. It wasn’t pie I was hungry for anymore, it was my dad.

It was around my second pot of tea that one of the servers exclaimed, Look, a rainbow. Sure enough outside my window was the biggest rainbow I had ever seen. Not just part of a rainbow, the whole arc, from end to end.

As the excited server went outside to take a picture, my server came over to my table to get a better view. It was then that we learned we both last saw a rainbow in Hawaii this past December. Two strangers at the same place two times. I didn’t tell her Denny’s use to sell pie. I didn’t tell her my dad loved getting pie at Denny’s. I didn’t tell her if my dad was here he would’ve talked her ear off and listened to her tell all about her time with her young son in Hawaii seeing a rainbow on Christmas. I didn’t tell her I missed my dad. I allowed myself to be fed by what was in front of me.

I love pie. I love my dad. I love conversations with strangers. And now I love rainbows.

I don’t know if my dad loved rainbows but I know he fed me with one Sunday afternoon.

Thanks dad. Thanks for lunch. Thanks for teaching me how to start a conversation with a stranger. Thanks for showing me the biggest rainbow I have ever seen. End to end. Full of light, full of love. Tomorrow, if I am hungry, I will make a pie. For us. And maybe I’ll give some to a stranger.

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2 Responses to “Monday’s Random Thought: Love at Denny’s”

  1. Congratulations on blog post #600. I celebrate with you your love of writing, your dad and rainbows!!!

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