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Monday’s Random Thought: Ice Cream with Dad April 18, 2016

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Another heart picture captured by a friend who knows my affinity to heart rocks. Grateful for this week’s snapshot created on Laguna Beach in California. The artist and the photographer having no idea their inspiration would fit right in with a story about a girl whose daddy loved the beach just as much as he loved ice cream.

Some of my favorite memories of my dad center around pie and ice cream. When I was little he would take me to the Little Coney at Golden Gardens for a hand-dipped ice cream cone. As we walked the beach and marina hand-in-hand eating my vanilla treat, I was in heaven. After my parents’ divorce I remember pie at Denny’s. Talking about life at college, my new boyfriend, the books I was reading, savoring the blackberry deliciousness, I know this was dad’s heaven. I recall being really happy during those one-on-one times with dad. I have a clear picture in my mind of him being happy. Being happy wasn’t always the case for dad. Diagnosed and labeled with mental illness the man had dramatic ups and downs. I would say trips out for dessert were definitely ups.

My oldest sister has similar memories of dad taking her and our siblings out for hot fudge sundaes at Kebos. When she reached out to me last week she mentioned that dad’s birthday was on Sunday the 17th and asked if I would like to go out for pie or ice cream to celebrate. Dad would have been 89. He died almost fourteen years ago and I couldn’t think of any better way to honor him.

Over our hot fudge sundaes we shared stories that were new to the other. Being nine years my senior my sis has different restaurant names, different adventures and knows another version of dad. Our stories share a similar thread of a dad who loved his kids, sunshine, learning, waitresses and of course pie and ice cream. This thread that connects us sisters swapping stories, reminiscing, celebrating our papa, is simply a thread of the love of a little girl for her daddy. Mental illness, divorce, death, none of them strong enough to break that connection.

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