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Monday’s Random Thought: Everyone Has Their Opinion May 23, 2016

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We are bombarded with opinions of others all day long. At the end of the day it is simply their opinion, you still get to make up your own mind. (Thank you to my 17 year old friend for allowing me to use her senior photo shoot pic here on heartwriter.)

I listen to myself dole out unsolicited advice to my children. I observe the questions I ask my clients and I hear my words as I offer a possible suggestion to aid in their decision. My ears perk up at the coffee shop when I hear another offer their perspective like it is manna that should be received. In the end these are all opinions. Sometimes off the mark, sometimes spot on. You are still the one who gets to decide if it is for you or not. You get to choose to believe other’s opinions and take them on as your own or dismiss them completely. When you whittle it all down the only time you must take in another’s opinion is if it speaks to your heart. If it makes you sit up and say,”Oh yes, that is for me”.  If it makes your heart beat fast or nudges you in the gut then perhaps this is leading you in the right direction. If tears run down your cheeks or if you feel like you are finally being understood.  If it makes you want to run and dance, leap for joy. If you feel seen. If not, it was for the other person, not you. Let it go. If it comes back, pulling on your heart strings, then go for it. Then again, you could totally ignore this, after all it’s just my opinion.

Hi,  I’m Jenny Gwinn McGlothern, Certified Transformational Master Life Coach, Retreat Leader and Writer. As founder of my retreat business, Mama Needs A Refill, LLC, one way I know I fill my cup is by showing up to a blank page to write. Thank you for stopping by and reading my Random Monday Thoughts, because I will be honest that fills my cup too, knowing others are reading my filled page. Life is too short to blog about anything else unless it touches my heart. Please know I appreciate you joining me on this journey whether you visit every week since I began in 2008 or this is your first blog stop.

Interested in life or spiritual coaching or want to learn more about my retreats in Seattle, please find me on FaceBook, www.FaceBook.com/MamaNeedsARefill or visit my website: www.mamaneedsarefill.com)


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