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Monday’s Random Thought: Dinner Table Talk June 13, 2016

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I mostly ignore the news on purpose. I don’t turn on the TV, we no longer get the paper delivered to our home and I rarely scan the news online. I get too angry. The disheartening, depressing headlines shatter my heart and make it difficult to think of anything else. I breathe in the pain and sadness that runs rampant.

Friday night I couldn’t help it. I read the news. After staying up until 2 in the morning, I cried myself to sleep. The story of the unnamed young woman and her rapist’s prison sentence caught my eye and my heart. First there was her letter, then the U.S. Vice President’s letter, the rapist’s father’s letter and then the blogger’s letter in response to the father. There I went, breathing in the sadness and pain.

The next morning the unnamed young woman was the first person on my mind. Without knowing her name I sent her bright white light and continued to do so all day long. Later over dinner I brought up the whole story to my family. Our fourteen year old daughter and eleven year old son both had opinions. Questions. Solutions. Empathy.

This incident left me feeling raw and I am not even involved, connected nor do I share my own similar experience. But in reality, aren’t we really all connected? The part that leaves me scratching my head is the part about the boy and his parents not taking responsibility. Would this add light to the situation? Would it make room for healing? I believe it would. What if the boy took responsibility for his actions and what if the parents expected that from him?

I told my kids at dinner that if this was our situation I would never stop loving them, but I would expect them to take responsibility. I want both parties involved to experience light again. To live again. My desire for the young man is that he acknowledge, admit, accept and take ownership of his part in this and then to be an example, live life again. My hope is that he and his family don’t allow this to define them, but rather they plant a new seed. A seed of truth.  A seed of love. My desire for the young woman is already beginning. She is speaking her truth. My hope now is that she goes on to have a full life, full of love and joy and not let this define her as a human being. That the seed she has planted with her words be a blossom of love touching many.

I choose to ignore the news. The unnamed young woman doesn’t have that choice. She was the news. Yes, maybe just last week’s news for another tragedy will come into view.  Orlando happened this weekend. Tomorrow will be another tragic headline. Maybe my being inconvenienced by sadness, frustration, anger and grief is taking the easy way out. Maybe this is my way of not accepting responsibility. I don’t have to let the ugliness of the headlines define my experience of life or pull me down into a dark hole. Talking about these thing over dinner was my first step, now maybe my next step is to be informed and to cling to faith in the dark, instead of ignoring it.

Hi,  I’m Jenny Gwinn McGlothern, Certified Transformational Master Life Coach, Retreat Leader and Writer. As founder of my retreat business, Mama Needs A Refill, LLC, one way I know I fill my cup is by showing up to a blank page to write. Thank you for stopping by and reading my Random Monday Thoughts, because I will be honest that fills my cup too, knowing others are reading my filled page. Life is too short to blog about anything else unless it touches my heart. Please know I appreciate you joining me on this journey whether you visit every week since I began in 2008 or this is your first blog stop.

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