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Monday’s Random Thought: Mindfulness Moment by Moment September 5, 2016

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20160905_145747-1The practice of mindfulness is being aware of what is happening, right now, right in front of and all around you.

Last week I got out of town, just me and my dog, created my own solo retreat for a much needed unplugging so I could plug into me. During those 46 hours hanging out with me, myself and I, it was very clear that the only thing standing in my way of reaching my goals, living peacefully and being all I desire to be is a lack of mindful living. I allow my highly distracted mind and over enthusiastic energetic personality to take me down the road, down the rabbit hole or in the case of last week on my solo retreat, down the river.

On a lovely quiet morning walk through the woods and down to the river I was throwing the tennis ball for my dog Buford. He was off leash and as we walked, I tossed the ball ahead on our path. Bu would prance like a deer or sprint like a Greyhound, even though he is a Wheaten Terrier – Chocolate Lab mix, and return the ball to me so I could throw it again. When we got to the river he was thirsty and I noticed the ball was covered in dirt and leaves. As he stepped in to the water for a drink, not being mindful I threw the ball in to the water to give it a bath and clean off all it had collected in its path.

Aware of the fast rapids just beyond where Buford was drinking, I hollered at him, “Ball. Get your ball.” He was thirsty. This was his time to drink. He was in no hurry to get the ball as it ever so slowly began to make its way to the fast part of the river.

I kept trying to get his attention. “Bu. Ball.” One thing I love about dogs is that they are wonderful teachers of being present. He was attentive only to what was in front of him. I soon realized the ball would a goner. Once it left the calm area where Buford was drinking it would no longer be possible to get. I had to let go.

I laughed to myself. I thought you were going to work on being more mindful and present, Jenny?

A great reminder and lesson that I can think before I act, pause before I speak, breathe before taking action.

In this case, I only lost a tennis ball. But the lesson reminded me to be awake, be mindful, pay attention. I am incorporating this now in all areas of my life. The phone rings or buzzes with a text, think-pause-breathe, do I have to look at it now, can it wait? This is taking practice. In my practice I am becoming more of the peaceful person I desire to be by simply being more mindful.

Hi, I’m Jenny Gwinn McGlothern, Certified Transformational Master Life Coach, Retreat Leader and Writer. As founder of my retreat business, Mama Needs A Refill, LLC, one way I know I fill my cup is by showing up to a blank page to write. Thank you for stopping by and reading my Random Monday Thoughts, because I will be honest that fills my cup too, knowing others are reading my filled page. Life is too short to blog about anything else unless it touches my heart. Please know I appreciate you joining me on this journey whether you visit every week since I began in 2008 or this is your first blog stop.

Interested in life or spiritual coaching or want to learn more about my retreats in Seattle, please find me on FaceBook, www.FaceBook.com/MamaNeedsARefill or visit my website: www.mamaneedsarefill.com, or simply call or text, 206 255 0463.


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