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Monday’s Random Thought: Animal Wisdom April 24, 2017

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Our dog’s girlfriend stayed the week with us. And oh, look, a white heart, right there on her chest.

It is no accident when an animal comes into our lives. They possess infinite wisdom and if we are open, their presence can be a symbolic message perfectly timed for us. You pet lovers know many animals possess unconditional love. Every morning our Chocolate Lab – Wheaten Terrier dog greets me with a wagging tail, rain or shine. Buford is a bringer of love. I grew up with dogs and cats and as an adult, the later is my preference. Even though cats are not my fav, they love me, and are always drawn to me. According to my favorite spirit animal website, www.spirit-animals.com animals have messages for us. The domestic cat’s message is that of communication and believing in yourself and they represent trusting your intuition. All animals represent characteristics and traits that we also have within us. I am learning they are the bringer of light. Even the rodents and spiders who have crossed my path.


When are son was eight years old and his child psychologist, physician, and naturopath couldn’t help him with his anxiety we tried a shaman. Shamanism is a healing practice of the body, mind and spirit. Since the beginning of time medicine people who have a deep connection with the earth use their gifts to heal and connect people to their truth. Through a guided meditation our son, Simon, discovered some of his spirit animals. This new experience really resonated with our animal lover son. Being taught that the medicine and wisdom of these animals were things that could help him with his worries, they were also things he already possessed deep within.  He received messages from his eagle, wolf, bear, moose and dog. Encouragement to be confident, a reminder that he likes his family close, has inner strength and a fierce loyalty. These messages eased his worrying. Calling upon his animal friends comforted and guided him.


This experience opened me up to my own learning of my spirit animals. Then I just started noticing, oh a fox, a wild turkey, an eagle, a rabbit. I didn’t take these bearers of wisdom as accidents. I would look up their meaning and discover help with a decision. Peace and affirmation all from an animal crossing my path.


I don’t think anything is an accident. Signs are all around us to support and guide us. Mother Nature is so cool like that, taking care of us, giving us what we need. Offering us guidance. Even from that damn cat! 


What animals are crossing your path and what do they have to teach you?


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