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Monday’s Random Thought: One Step March 27, 2017

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As one to not sit still long, a lady of action, this healing and recovery process from foot surgery has been interesting.  First, there was an unexpected second surgery. Then there was the pain.  I had a plan. I would color, read, rest, allow my body to heal as I received help from others. I would give myself a week or two to just be and then I would work on my book.

Every week there has been progress. It feels like slow progress, but movement forward non the less. It’s been a week since narcotics. Two weeks since napping all day.

Each day something new. Friday I put on jeans instead of pjs and had a phone client. Saturday I moved from the bed to the coach. Sunday I moved to the dinning room table.

This morning at my doctor’s visit I got rid of the special sock and can now open up my bandages and wash my foot!

This sounds slow. But this is progress. The moving forward counts not the pace. This is gving me the opportunity to be. The gift to receive. I am practicing patience. I am learning the value of stillness. Not always fun. Growth isn’t always joyful. That’s why they call it growing pains.

We all have our own experience of having to slow down when we don’t necessarily want to slow down. One. Day. At. A.Time. One. Step. Where in your life can you see the value of slowing it down? Is there an area in you life, a relationship or situation, where you can recognize the power or one? Simply one thing at a time. Step by step. In this slowing down we are allowing room for growth making space for birth to happen. Tis the season, it is spring. Let’s step out of the way and allow. Step. By. Step.

Today standing on one foot. Tomorrow both feet. The next day dancing. Okay, just the fox trot. Next week the cha cha. Patience dancer, patience.


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Morning Dance October 11, 2011

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I am up this morning before the alarm, before kids, awakened by my husband’s movement around the house. I hear his footsteps, heavy with shoes, signaling he is ready for work and soon heading out the door.

Glancing at the clock, 6:12.

You are up early. Already showered?

Yep, couldn’t sleep.

I hear the Halloween decoration banging on the front door as it rattles and moves in the wind. The trees outside let us know they are there.

I heard something outside and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I’m just going to start my day early, he tells me.

I find a spot on the couch to meditate. No excuse this morning about not having enough time. Hubby heads out the door.

I settle into the dark silence. Hubby pokes his head back inside from the front porch.

Come here, he whispers.

He turns off the porch light and we stand together looking west. He shows me the morning’s gift. A full moon, still amidst dancing clouds.

Back inside the furnace kicks in hushing the outside noises, but I still hear the skeleton on the front door, also dancing like the clouds.

Oh, how I love the wind even when it awakens us from deep sleep. It stirs up the day, calling things to dance that would normally be still.

Without the extra noises this morning I would still be asleep and wouldn’t have had the chance to tell you about the beautiful moon and crazy morning sky. Did you see it?

Oh, what else will happen today if I let myself be shaken from sleep? What dance will I get to witness, or better yet take part in?

by J.G. McGlothern


State of Mind July 26, 2011

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Billy Joel sings about a New York state of mind and I headed into this summer season with a summer state of mind: lemonade stands, sand in my toes, ice cream twice a day, staying up late outside, bonding with my children.

We haven’t had that lemonade stand yet and the closest I got to sand in my toes was mud, just last night.  Standing in the pouring down rain at a swim tournament, huddled under a tent, wearing layers and a hat, but I still had on my flip flops.

We here in Seattle are ready to bitch and moan at the drop of a hat over this “summer” we are having. Even I too, “Miss loves the Rain”, have had it. But the moaning won’t get me anywhere. The bitching will just attract more grumpiness, annoyance and frankly, a crappy state of mind.

So I will wear a couple of layers, just in case the sun comes out, but first, I will put on some music. I will dance with my children, even if it’s inside and we are wearing socks. We will still be dancing together.  When you are dancing it doesn’t matter if the sun is out or not.

by J.G. McGlothern