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Monday’s Random Thought: Not Define You April 10, 2017

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In the Disney movie Moana the protagonists teach us not to be defined by our circumstance. Maui, voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is a half god, half mortal who believes he is only himself with his super powers which are only available when his magic hook is working. Moana, the daughter of tribal chief, must stay in her village because of her father’s fears. Her heart longs to be out in the ocean. Both characters discover what is deep within matters, not by what is seen on the outside.


This morning at my post-surgical foot appointment, my awesome doctor who has been along the journey on this long, strange recovery, looked me in the eye and said,”Don’t let this define you.” He went on to say, I will get through this and urged me to not let my swollen – nerve pain – healing foot, define what I do or my day or how I be. And he is right. There is a difference to being limited when in the process of recovery and letting it have power over me.


I ask you, dear reader, are you letting your circumstance define you? How can you alter that definition?


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Monday’s Random Thought: Optimism February 6, 2012

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Last week I visited a friend who just had major surgery and will soon be undergoing chemotherapy. I have known her for seven years and have witnessed her battle against depression. She asked me before her surgery if I would come over and give her a card reading. I offer spiritual, inspirational, Goddess and Angel card readings in my work and was happy to do so.

I was greeted at the door with a bright smile. Not the smile someone who just had a double mastectomy would be expected to wear. Yet there my friend was, smiling.

Before we got started with her card reading I asked her if there was something specific she wanted to ask the cards. How will I stay optimistic through my healing process?, she wanted to know.

Card after card and we went through a number of decks, came clear, direct wisdom about staying positive. By the ninth deck we were laughing so hard because all of the cards pulled, dealt with staying positive. She even drew the Optimism Guardian Angel card. She was being hit over the head with what she wanted to here. She put her intention out there and received guidance.

It seems so obvious that one should remain positive when going through a major healing process. But often the obvious is the most challenging. And often the most challenging is what we avoid.

I applaud my friend for choosing the optimistic approach. It doesn’t mean her path will be bump free.  As any human being she will face highs and lows. But seeing her smile and hearing her voice again on the phone reassures me she is going to be just fine. She is going to fight her battle with love and light, strength and more light, there will only be room for the positive stuff.

The stuff that creates miracles.

by J.G. McGlothern


Christmas Past — Darkness Part III December 7, 2011

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Christmas was never my holiday as a child. My father’s depression clouded my experience along with my older sister spilling the beans about Santa when I was just four.

But that is my past.

A few years ago my Christmas attitude and reality were altered by raising our two children. Experiencing through their eyes. New fresh eyes for me to witness the Christmas season, not with my old eyes that were clouded with hurt, unfulfilled expectations, loss.

Our past experience of something doesn’t HAVE to dictate our present or future.

It took time but I have finally left that baggage at the back door.  Through forgiving my dad and my sister, I found out what everyone was talking about with this Christmas Spirit thing.

I had to live in the darkness before I could really see and experience the light. Not a new story, we have all lived this.

Are you ready to let go of any darkness from your Christmases Past? I send you light as you reflect on this.

by J.G. McGlothern


Monday’s Random Thought: Ball of Light December 5, 2011

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I stumbled upon this blog last night…http://aftertheartistsway.blogspot.com/2011/11/nurture-project.html…where the writer talks about finding someone you want to secretly “nurture” for a year. She goes on to explain how she and two others plan to secretly “nurture” people in their lives.

Her blog got me thinking on my dog walk today. When I have trouble with someone, they rub me the wrong way, bug me to the core, annoy the hell out of me, challenging my peaceful state of being I try to send them light. Of course I only remember to do this when my ego is shoved out of the way.

I close my eyes and imagine my little family of hubby and kids. I focus my energy on them and the love I feel deeply for them. Then I imagine the love I feel for them as a ball of light in my heart. Next, I visualize that ball of light spreading out into a stream of bright white light. I see this light going to the person that is bugging me. I wrap that light around them. I ignore the ego thoughts about the person and just see them bathed in the light created by the love I feel for my family.  No exact technique necessary. I just silently send light to the person instead of spending my energy plotting their demise or creating an extensive agenda of retaliation.

In the past I have discovered I am the one that gets changed. The annoying person’s behavior doesn’t necessarily alter right away, but my perception, reaction and ability to let go, receives the same light of healing love that I originally imagined in my heart.

Perhaps I will try this Nurture Project, so much healing happens in life when we let go of our agenda to change others and just love them as is. Thanks, Nomadic Blogger for firing up my heart with some nurturing inspiration.

by J.G. McGlothern


Courtly Healing October 6, 2011

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Everyone has a story, their personal journey from there to here.

On bookshelves October 16th, my dear friend and Thursday writing buddy will have her first book, Back on the Court, available for purchase.  (Check out her website and buy her book … www.sonyaelliott.com )

In her memoir we discover the healing that comes to Sonya through writing and playing basketball.

Who knew a pen and a ball could have such power?

When Sonya’s fiancé is killed in a train accident and she is left seriously injured – there are times when Sonya doesn’t want to go on living. Healing doesn’t seem possible.

Through time, the power of transformation when a pen hits a blank page and playing the sport she loves with all her heart, Sonya finds healing.

We all have something we can heal from. We have all experienced deep wounds whether we acknowledge them or not. Stuff happens that leaves wounds and we either choose to let them be or we expose them to the light for healing.

Sonya chose to fight courageously for her life. It wasn’t easy. The road was long. But her healing story is a beautiful example of what can happen when you choose to follow your passions, and listen to your heart.

by J.G. McGlothern



Naked Truth — Nakedness Part II February 19, 2011

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To stand naked before someone doesn’t mean you aren’t wearing any clothing.  To be really seen by someone has nothing to do with the amount of clothing on your skin.

I see more of someone by looking into their eyes – the place where truth is revealed.  Just in sharing a moment of pure understanding, connection, at a deeper level is far more revealing than seeing someone without their clothes.

Some would rather unveil their skin in a bikini for example than reveal a desire, thought, opinion, idea, sadness – holding it instead in the quiet corners of their soul.

To share a part of yourself, the part that matters, can be more difficult and risky for it reveals truth.  And for many, exposing a truth about yourself is a far bigger proclamation than showing some skin. 

The naked truth, pure honesty, can also be painful – that’s the part I think we run from, right?  Because what if the thing we reveal makes others run?  So instead we cover up our thoughts and desires not knowing the healing, growth and possibility that can come from stripping away the layers.

by J.G. McGlothern