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Monday’s Random Thought: From the Ground Up March 18, 2013

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Driving home last night, from a great, but mentally exhausting day I needed to ground myself before re-entry with my family.

Do ever have those moments where you have taken in so much emotionally and mentally your head starts to spin and your body starts to sweat?

I stopped at the beach. I was already starting to feel connected to myself again just by the feel of the rocks beneath my feet. I scooped up some of those rocks and tossed them into the water. I gave each of them a name before I tossed them. A name of an emotion I had experienced, a name of a fear I was ready to release, a gratitude I was feeling in my heart. Plunk. Plop. Kerslpat into the Puget Sound.

I stood in the breeze and looked out at the amazing skyline. I noticed the seagulls flying above. I was aware of how good I felt by just taking a few moments to connect with nature, Mother Earth, Holy Spirit, Beautiful Universe. I was grounded again. No longer flying around, exhausted, drained or spent.

I was ready for the next thing. Ready to drive up the hill to my family. Before I left, I knelt down and touched the rocks, thanking them for helping me find my center. A heart shaped rock caught my eye.

Tucking the rock into my pocket I walked back to my car. It would go nicely with the other heart shape rocks I had at home.

When I take a moment to connect to all parts of me – body, mind and spirit – I always find my heart again. And hear its beautiful rhythm.

When you are spinning what brings you back? What grounds you and helps you to breathe again and feel your heart? Your big, beautiful, holy, heart.

by J.G. McGlothern


Up In Flames — Prayer Part I May 17, 2010

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I experienced a new form of prayer last weekend.  While attending an all day yoga retreat for moms I received the gift of letting go.  And isn’t that what prayer is all about?  Letting go.  Getting out of our heads and surrendering.

Twenty eight women, all strangers to me except one, gathered in a circle around a simple fire wataching our prayers burn up and float to the sky.

I signed up with a dear long time friend to attend Motherasana, a Mother’s Day Yoga Retreat, at The Bainbridge Yoga House. (www.bainbridgeyogahouse.com)

After a morning of hot yoga and guided meditation we were invited to write down on a beautiful piece of paper something we wanted to “create” in our lives and on the other half something we wanted to “release”.

You could see with no hesitation in the room – all heads bent down, writing their hearts on paper.  I knew immediately what I wanted to create, so I scribbled my words down making them permanent, as if writing my vision in blood.  Writing down what I wanted to release came just as easily to my mind but writing it down, making it permanent involved some hesitation.

My friend, writing vigorously next to me, came up for air, I wrote a list, she declared, beaming brightly. 

We tore our papers in half, “creation” in one hand and our “letting go” in the other as we walked to the big grass yard where a small fire was burning.

We circled the fire.  Our meditation leader, a lovely strong soul, Halin (www.zindellacupuncture.com), passed out a sprig of sage to each of us and taught us a simple chant, inspired from a Michael Franti song she heard on the radio.

Standing in the bright sun, sweaty from yoga, awakened to possibility we took turns tossing the sprig of sage along with both our creative inspirations and the things we want to be rid of, and let them go into the flickering flames. Some tucked their slips of paper safely between flames so that their paper wouldn’t float away.  I placed mine purposefully on top of the open flame.  The hot fire licked up the paper immediately sending my words, my desires, my intentions…my prayers, all now ash, up in the air.  I waved goodbye to my prayers for that was it, they were out of my hands floating up into possibility into a sky of hope.

Later throughout the week I was tempted to take back the things I had released, for that’s how we respond sometimes don’t we? We let go of something then we don’t know what else to do so we want to take it all back.  But it was too late.  My prayers, now ashes, were gone in the blink of an eye.  Now all I have to do is work and watch and wait and be.  And that’s really all prayer has to be… a letting go.

by J.G. McGlothern