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Monday’s Random Thought January 31, 2011

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There are those who walk through life in the shadows, letting their fears get in the way of living. On this Monday my family will be celebrating the life of a man who faced his shadows with a fierce laugh, a mighty faith, and an unshakable courage.

My step-dad lived on this planet for more than 91 years and in the 31 years he was in my life he taught me many things that I hope to share with my children. Here are a few of those lessons: never give up, have faith and always, ALWAYS check your blind spot before switching lanes on the highway.

by J.G. McGlothern




Monday’s Random Thought January 24, 2011

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A hot cup of coffee at 7 AM, for others they need it much earlier, for me it is now, just before 3 PM. A cup of ritual.  My favorite mug, extra strong coffee, a bit of cream, too much makes the coffee too cool.  Just me and the bitter taste of deliciousness before I go and get the kids.

What rituals bring you peace? What rituals drain you?

It could be a cup of tea, a morning exercise class, reading before you fall asleep, listening to certain music…we all have rituals. Little acts that give our life color, focus, meaning and a chance to catch our breath just for us.  What is your ritual that gives you life and if you have a ritual that robs you of life, is now the time to find a new one?

by J.G. McGlothern


Stretch of Truth January 20, 2011

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Mama, can I mail a picture to heaven? My six year old son asks me as I get ready to leave last night. I’m heading up to the nursing home where my step-dad is dying and my son is so sad I won’t bring him with me.

Of course you can mail a picture to heaven, I stretch the truth in the best way possible.

But how will the mailman get into heaven, mama?

Well, I take a big breath, Grandpa will look down on you drawing the picture and he won’t be able to hold it in his hands but he will see it and feel your love in it.  Perhaps some may think I’m stretching the truth, but again I’m doing that the best way possible, with love.

My son knows people who have died and still talks about his first dog who died when he was two, four years ago, but this will be his first grandparent.

I remember when my grandpa died when I was eleven and I can still see my grandpa’s smile and feel his love. He was the only grandpa I ever got to meet, he was everything to me. We all have our own grandpa story.

So today I’m taking my son out of school early so he can get one more goodbye, one more moment with his grandpa. I’m not even stretching the truth to his teacher, I’m telling her straight up, my son wants to miss P.E. so he can have one more moment with the only grandpa he’ll ever have in his life.  And the truth of that is done in the best way possible, with love.

by J.G. McGlothern


Silence on the Court January 18, 2011

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For today’s blog, please go to my website, www.mamaneedsarefill.com to read… http://www.mamaneedsarefill.com/2011/01/silence-on-the-court/

Thank you.


Monday’s Random Thought January 17, 2011

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What will you do with this one wild precious life of yours?

— Mary Oliver


Hints of Life January 13, 2011

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The last year ended and the New Year began with lots of death.  My sister’s father-in-law, my dear uncle, a parent from my children’s school, a parishioner, a neighbor, a friend’s relative, I’d run into someone every other day with news of losing someone in their lives.  Then as a proud and pronounced non-participant in the news, whether it be via newspaper, radio, or internet – I just don’t go there – I started reading the newspaper headlines and tuning into NPR.  An accidental fire, senseless shootings, more death.  And as all this happens around us we are in the dead of winter, dark and grey, leafless and wet.

It’s enough to make people be grumpy, sad around the edges, pack up and go to Mexico, buy a sun lamp, question life’s purpose. Instead of adhering to any of the above, although Mexico does sound lovely and being sad around the edges makes people curious and ask questions, I’m going to do something different. As easy as it is to get sucked in, spiral down the drain, I must seek out signs of birth and hints of life, for they are within reach, not out of view, even if it means turning around and looking in an unexpected direction.  Behind me in this coffee shop, where I sit and write, is a wall of art and a particular piece, alive with color, sparked with creativity reminds me I love art, reminds me I love this life, even with the pain and death in it. Outside I see a child smile, inside I hear a beautiful guitar solo spill out from the coffee shop speakers, and next to me teenagers laugh. 

As President Obama stated in his address yesterday about the tragedy in Tucson Arizona, this past weekend, Our hearts are broken but our hearts have room for fullness.

I am quite aware of the necessary and inevitable nature of death.  If the tree doesn’t lose its leaves there is no room for the blossoms in the spring.  And this is where it is really hard, I can’t explain why some die tragically, suddenly and senselessly, but I know it happens too often.

What I can do is something different in the wake of death, I can look for signs of spring in the dead of winter.  I can switch the dialogue in my head, I can reach out, I can try to live fully even when it seems bleak.

When I do that I can hear the birds sing as I walk home, even on this dark, wet day.  I can see the love in my life and the beauty in this world, and I can feel the fullness in my heart and still have room for more.

by J.G. McGlothern


Fall Snow Fall

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Just hours ago my world was white

covered in fresh snow.

Coming out of the movie theatre last night I shouted,


As carefree and light as a school girl

my heart beating with the possibility of everything

coming to a halt

duties put aside, agendas on hold

while the sky dumped beauty in my lap.

I stayed up late, watching it fall

as curious as a puppy, practically

wagging my tail in delight.

Alas, I awoke to slush, snow no longer falling from the sky

I wanted to cry as if that

would bring it back

the symbol of all that is well in the world

a mark of quiet on my loud brain

a reason to pause.

For now with it all melted away

I no longer feel justified in just sitting,

looking out the window.

 by J.G. McGlothern